Beechworth and Stanley are filled with wonderful things to do and explore.

Beechworth has an amazing Rail Trail that will take you to so many towns with more in progress as we write.  There is Lake Sambell which has a wonderful little 'beach' where you can sit and enjoy lunch or dinner.  It has a fabulous playground and BBQ area not to mention the swimming.

There is the Ghost Asylum, the old Hospital Facade, the many historic things to do around Ned Kelly, beautiful walks, the George, Mt Pilot - where you can take in beautiful sunsets and the stunning Woolshed Falls just to mention a few.

There are great places to eat out to suit everyone from pub meals, pizza at the Bridge Rd Brewers, Wineries, to fine dining...and lots in between.

Stanley is a very quiet little hamlet - only about 8kms from Beechworth.  It has the amazing Stanley Pub and lots of places to visit locally.